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VSD: contribute to the strengthening of national security

The Department of State Security (VSD) offers a special mission - to contribute to the strengthening of national security. Their aim is to gather intelligence under all conditions, to analyse political and economic processes and to provide decision-makers with information to help them take decisions in areas of importance to the life of the state. The work may involve a wide range of issues: the intentions and influence of unfriendly states, cyber threats, dangerous influences on Lithuania's economy, the activities of terrorist groups, the protection of state secrets, etc. VSD achieves results through teamwork, human talent and technological capabilities. As the only civilian intelligence institution, the VSD has the opportunity to contribute to unique projects, to carry out exceptional tasks and to make extensive use of its talent, skills and creative potential. The meaning of their work stems from the challenges they have to anticipate and the problems they have to understand.

Intelligence work is special and unique in that it applies a wide range of human talents and skills. It requires high levels of competence and continuous development, which is why new intelligence officers are given professional mentoring, opportunities to learn, to strengthen their skills and to develop their competences. Officers are provided with a social security package. At the same time, the VSD invites you to grow and build your career within the same organisation, challenging yourself and developing in different areas. It nurtures talent and creates opportunities to move forward. Often, the organisation changes jobs in order to grow. Currently, the main places of work for Intelligence Officers are: in Vilnius, Pilaitės Ave. 19, in Kaunas, Žemaičių pl. 62, Klaipėda, Naujojo Sodo str 3. A large number of intelligence officers have served for many years in both horizontal and vertical careers. A career in VSD requires patience, stubbornness, and great dedication, but rewards with results that strengthen the security of the state and its people. The salary for intelligence officers, after tax, starts at EUR 1 500, but can be higher depending on the person's education, work experience and competences.

VSD is currently looking for intelligence officers with a background in intelligence, counter-intelligence, information technology, law, knowing English, Russian, Chinese and public procurement. Intelligence has a wide range of activities and is open to people with different educational backgrounds. The ability to communicate, alertness, quick decision-making, inner and outer strength, and an unwavering belief in what they do are important for a good intelligence officer. The most important competences required in this job are reliability, responsibility, organising capability, the ability to analyse and justify information, good communication skills, the ability to take initiative and the ability to manage information. To do this job, you must have a minimum B1 level of English or Russian. It is a very strong advantage if the candidate has a knowledge of languages other than English or Russian. Work experience is not a decisive criterion and some people join immediately after graduation or while still studying, as the selection process for intelligence officers can take up to 6 months. To be considered for this post, the applicant must be a Lithuanian citizen, have an impeccable reputation, be medically fit, and meet the requirements for a security clearance.


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