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Vinted – Europe's leading international online peer-to-peer trading platform!

Vinted is Europe's leading international online peer-to-peer trading platform for second-hand fashion goods. The number of members in Europe and beyond is constantly growing. Vinted's mission is to make second-hand items the first choice worldwide. The platform allows people to sell and buy second-hand clothes and household items from each other, giving them a second or even third life. It was founded in Lithuania in 2008 and became the country's first unicorn company in 2019. Today, the online peer-to-peer trading platform is still headquartered in Vilnius and also has offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Kaunas. All of them employ more than 2000 people.

Vinted expects candidates to share its values. They should have a strong interest in the field they are applying for, a strong sense of responsibility, the ability to accept feedback and to work in a team. These competences are assessed during the selection process, which is well prepared and helps to assess the potential of the person. Each step of the selection process assesses a different area or combination of areas. The application is followed by the Vinted Values Assessment Test, and, finally, candidates have to complete a practical homework assignment, which will be presented during the interview.

Lithuania's first unicorn‘s Future Careers team is now in its third year of coordinating early career opportunities such as an engineering academy and summer internships. Additionally, they are planning to open an application for a data science and analytics academy in the near future.

The Summer Vintern Programme is a 2-3 month paid internship in Vilnius, Kaunas, Berlin or Paris. This year, there are 25 positions to apply for, ranging from product management to creative innovation. It all starts on 1 July, where during the first few days the interns will get to know each other, receive training on Vinted and meet the CEO of the company. Registration for the programme opens in the first week of March - full details are available at

The Engineering Academy is a programme for people taking their first professional steps in the technology sector who want to gain more hands-on experience. The Academy starts with a two-month course, during which participants will have the opportunity to learn about Vinted's activities, culture, mission, technology and work in progress. Later, the learning will continue in the chosen field, where the employees of the first Lithuanian unicorn company and external specialists will share their experience and work together on real internal projects. The programme is unique because the selected candidates will be employed by Vinted for an indefinite period of time as junior level professionals. Spring and autumn groups are selected each year. More information about the Engineering Academy can be found here:


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