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"Try on" a career as a lawyer at Sorainen

Sorainen is a law company that stands out for its innovation and supportive internal culture

You might be surprised, but Sorainen is not just a brand name, it's a real person. Aku Sorainen is a courageous and inquisitive lawyer from Finland who, almost 30 years ago, became fascinated by the potential of the Baltic States and founded a law firm here. Over the years, the client base has expanded, the team has grown, the range of services has expanded, and today we are a team of more than four hundred legal, tax and business services professionals. 

We operate as an ecosystem in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with one goal – to contribute to the success of our clients' businesses, and thereby promote prosperity in the region. Our work is not easy, but it gives us the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities, create added value and contribute to the growth of the Baltic region.

Innovation and company culture are what makes us stand out in the market. We routinely use modern legal technology and artificial intelligence in our day-to-day work. We are also pleased to have built a friendly, fun and supportive team.

What kind of people work here and what are the expectations of potential employees?

Cooperation, reliability, integrity, the pursuit of exceptional quality and innovation are at the heart of what we do as a firm. We are a large international team and people who share these values fit in easily:

- Customer focus and business understanding: we contribute to our clients' success by delivering solutions that meet their business needs.

- Quality of service and innovation: every member of our team is committed to excellence in all their work and to continuous personal development and innovation.

- Teamwork and information exchange: while individual initiative and creativity are always encouraged, it is teamwork that delivers the best results for our clients and our organization.

- Ethics and respect: reliability, honesty, integrity and courtesy are our guiding principles. We respect each other and everyone we work with.

The best opportunity to try out a career as a lawyer is at the Sorainen Student Academy

Every year between October and April, we run the Sorainen Student Academy project in all our offices. It offers students interesting seminars with many practical examples and valuable legal guidance, the opportunity to take part in a regional project with students from other countries, meetings with peers and professional networking with the best experts in the field. 

For the most active students in the project, we offer an internship, which gives them the opportunity to change their specialization and to try out different areas of law and business sector groups. In this way, future lawyers choose the most interesting topics in which they would like to grow and develop.

If you are at least a second-year law student (we also welcome Masters students), fluent in English and Lithuanian, have good academic results and an interest in different areas of law, follow the news and join the project! 


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