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QS Lasers – manufacturer of compact solid-state lasers

QS Lasers is a manufacturer of compact, short-duration, high-energy diode-assisted solid-state lasers. Established in 2018, the company is already a member of the Lithuanian Laser Association and the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). Since 2023, it is also a member of the Optica Association.

Since its inception, QS Lasers has been developing, manufacturing and selling lasers and laser systems. Particular emphasis is placed on areas where high pulse energy and relatively low repetition rate laser technologies are used (medical equipment manufacturing, research activities, environmental pollution measurements, etc.). The company's core business is focused on series production, but new challenges are also generated by non-standard customer requests and requirements.

The company's rapidly growing sales - doubling year-on-year for the last three years - are driving a strong focus on working on the development of new lasers and the expansion of the team. A large part of the company's resources is devoted to the development of the company and the team and to maintaining a comfortable and productive atmosphere.

First of all, it should be stressed that the requirements for potential employees depend on the position, while in one position the experience and qualifications are very important, in the other positions it is more important the candidate's own way of doing things and the willingness to join our team. However, regardless of the position, the company always pays attention to candidates who want to develop their skills, competences, experience and knowledge. "As a young and rapidly growing company, it is very important for QS Lasers that candidates are enthusiastic, eager to grow and not afraid of challenges.

New positions are constantly arising as projects are implemented and company processes are shaped, and the company is looking for team members. The company tries and is able to bring in existing employees to fill some of the positions: it has employees who have acquired the necessary competences after starting to work on mass-produced lasers and who are now specialised in R&D or single-unit laser production, or who are involved in quality assurance processes, but it often adds new colleagues to the team. Today, the company is expanding both in production and in administration. The company invites students to join and get to know the positions and the specifics of the work in more detail, and to try their hand at internships in different positions. This gives students the opportunity to get a closer look at the nature of the work, to assess their own strengths and whether they are interested in such work.

One of the company's distinctive features is its enthusiastic and friendly team, which includes both employees with many years of experience in photonics and colleagues who are new to the field. Experts with many years of experience are eager to pass on their knowledge to enthusiastic young employees. New products, new ideas and new projects are the driving force behind the company, and employees are encouraged to try their hand at different positions. Another of QS Lasers' strengths is good communication and communication between all departments, discussing and resolving ideas, questions, thoughts and suggestions here and now. The company tries to maintain a friendly team at all levels so that employees can feel free to express their thoughts and observations and so that they are not forgotten but taken into account. There is a strong focus on communication within the company.


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