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Maxima LT – a company with largest Lithuanian capital

Maxima LT is the largest Lithuanian company and the largest job creator in the country. Currently, there are close to fifty Maxima stores in Lithuania, employing around 11,000 people and welcoming more than 400,000 customers every day. While retail is Maxima's core business, it is supported by a number of different departments, including finance, asset management, IT services, legal, food production, supply chain, marketing, communications and others.

As an employer, we are usually chose people who like dynamism, speed and scale, and for whom it is important to have the opportunity to fulfil themselves, grow and advance in their careers. We value curious, self-confident people who want to develop themselves, perhaps even try their hand at different fields of activity. Unlike other companies, at Maxima we allow colleagues to discover what they are most interested in and what they would enjoy doing.

We invite you to work for us in 2 different ways: 1) to do an apprenticeship 2) to get a job in the position you want. Maxima has all the areas a business needs: finance, IT, marketing, communications, law, logistics, etc. We are a huge company, so you can find almost any field you want. The most important thing is the desire and ambition of the candidates themselves.

Around 7% of employees (770 people) at Maxima LT move up the career ladder every year. For example, the majority of the heads of the sales, production and logistics departments have been promoted from within. We also have colleagues who, after joining the finance department, decided to try their hand at supply and have continued their work there successfully, and who have moved up the career ladder from the shop floor to join the process, quality and marketing teams. These are just a few success stories among many. We are convinced that this working model is a huge advantage for both the company and the individual, and we can see this in the numbers - out of more than 11,000 colleagues at Maxima, more than half (56%) have been working there for more than 5 years.


To sum up, Maximo offers every opportunity to grow and advance in your career, but not necessarily in Lithuania. We can also offer international career opportunities.


You can apply on our Careers page:


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