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Bank of Lithuania – central bank of the Republic of Lithuania

The Bank of Lithuania is the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania. The mission of the Bank of Lithuania is to create benefits for society through a sound financial system and sustainable economic development. This is pursued in various ways.

Together with the central banks of the other euro area countries, the Bank of Lithuania participates in Eurosystem monetary policy decisions that are important for the whole of Europe. These decisions determine the level of interest rates across the euro area and price developments. In order to make informed decisions, the national economy is closely monitored, forecasts are published, economic surveys are carried out, and the stability of the Lithuanian financial system and potential risks are assessed.

Most people use commercial banks and credit unions, insurance companies, payment, electronic money and other financial institutions. The specialists of Bank of Lithuania apply various measures to ensure that their activities are reliable, transparent and compliant with the law. If disputes arise between consumers and financial institutions, they are resolved impartially.

The Bank of Lithuania is responsible for the stability of the country's financial system. It uses risk mitigation measures to prevent credit bubbles that threaten the economy. Responsible lending regulations help to ensure that people borrow and lenders lend responsibly and that the burden is not too high.

On a daily basis, a part of digital transfers are made by individuals or companies through payment systems supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

In addition, the Bank of Lithuania puts cash into circulation in the form of euro bills and coins, which we all hold in our hands almost every day and pay for goods and services. The Bank of Lithuania is also responsible for Lithuania's gold reserves. It is also entrusted with the direct management of Lithuania's other financial assets. Bank of Lithuania professionals invest it. The money earned covers the organisation's expenses, and most of the profits are paid into the state budget.

The Bank of Lithuania aims to be a progressive, proactive and open Eurosystem central bank.

The Bank of Lithuania is always looking for responsible, honest, analytical, innovative and motivated people who want to do meaningful work. They are currently looking for students for internships in the Economics, Financial Stability, Market Infrastructure and other departments. If you successfully complete the internship period, you may be offered a job.

Bank of Lithuania is worth choosing because of its meaningful work for Lithuania, excellent opportunities to learn and apply expertise, and friendly and competent colleagues.


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