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Adform – a leader in the digital advertising space

Adform was founded in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark and now is a leader in the digital advertising space, providing global, independent and fully integrated advertising solutions for modern marketing. We are converting precious lines of code into real value for our clients and welcome the best people to join our tribe with the ability to create the place they love! Today we have around 700 employees, 30 000+ global clients and 20+ global offices all around the world. We are very proud to have great clients like BMW, Vodafone and Germany railway company Deutsche Bahn AG, and others.


A strong company culture is based on values that guide every step of the way: focus on creating value for the customers, respectful behavior, taking responsibility, caring attitude, teamwork, ambition and strength in decision-making. Professionalism, respect, trust and willingness to have fun together are important to this company! These are the qualities that best describe what Adform is. The glue of the team is friendly people with very ambitious goals, so Adform is looking for team members who are proactive, motivated and willing to grow with them!

Adform is often looking for young Dev&IT and Customer Service professionals, and regularly offers paid internship opportunities in various teams. They believe that skills can be learned, and that the most important thing is attitude, willingness to improve and a constant desire to learn. Adform focuses on enabling employees to continuously grow both as professionals and as individuals, so it develops internal training programs, assigns mentors, and shapes work tasks so that everyone has their own responsibilities. They encourage employees to be proactive, to learn every day and to focus on personal growth. Adform believes that everyone who wants to grow can grow with them. They encourage learning from experienced professionals in the company through wide-ranging projects, challenging assignments, as well as through knowledge sharing in meetings and internal platforms. Adform regularly runs internship programs for both employees and students to familiarize them with the work and responsibilities of different teams. In this way, they can ensure not only vertical but also horizontal career opportunities within the company. In 2023, as many as 90 Adform employees changed their roles within the company. This just goes to show that Adform encourages the growth of anyone who has ideas, shows initiative and takes responsibility.


Adform also has various initiatives. For the third year in a row, they have created an initiative – Girls Tech Day – to promote gender diversity in IT. This Adform event is open to female students in grades 8 to 12 and women who want to retrain in IT. During the event, girls are invited to get to know the company, its office and the different professionals who work there. Participants can also learn about the peculiarities of working in IT and complete a practical task prepared by Adform colleagues. The Girls Tech Day is a continuation of the "Barometer of Women in Technology" initiative, which aims to change stereotypical attitudes in society and promote gender diversity in technology.

Adform has also developed an independent and fully integrated advertising platform that is unique in the world. The AdTech field is one of exceptional scale and to compete with giants like Google or Meta, they need to challenge themselves and create new rules of the game. They do this well because the Adform team is made up of courageous people who are not afraid to take exceptional decisions and who can challenge even the seemingly obvious. Adform is constantly at the forefront of technology and innovation in this market. Want to know more about them? Join Adform and change the game with them! Students can contact potential employers at


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