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What do you promise to be grown up?

It's probably a familiar question - your parents, relatives or friends kept asking about your interests and encouraging you to plan your career from a young age. You have considered this many times while attending classes, monitoring your grades, choosing a university and study program. We believe that some of you are still thinking today, but you formulate the question a little differently.

What do you promise to be tomorrow?

Are you still not sure what kind of career you want, or maybe you already have a dream, but you don't know how to establish yourself in the labor market? Visit Vilnius University Career Days (VU CD)! Here you will be able to discuss career planning, creating an employee image and other topics, meet representatives of well-known companies looking for interns or employees at the contact fair, and get to the desired workplace in a very simple way.


We invite you - pupils, students of all higher education institutions, graduates - to be among the 10,000 people who visit VU CD events every year.

About 50 companies are looking for future interns and employees at the VU CD contact fair every year, and direct contact between a student and an employer is a direct path to the job of your dreams.


The venue of the traditional event Contact Fair is Vilnius University's Saulėtekis faculties, which will bring together students of the required field of study with employers looking for young talents. Information about other event spaces can be found in the program section!

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