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DevOps Intern – EPAM Systems


2023 m. liepos 1 d.

Galioja iki:

EPAM leads the industry in digital platform engineering and product development services. Since 1993, it has been helping its customers to navigate the waves of digital transformation, developing and designing advanced IT solutions.

Would you like to learn the profession of the future and kickstart in a new direction? Then, we invite you to the DevOps Essentials self-study training program.


DevOps is a philosophy and culture of software development. DevOps engineers accompany the product at all life cycle stages, automating and accelerating development processes, increasing its efficiency and safety. And such diverse tools & skill sets have made them more and more in demand in the international IT market over the years.


The first stage, DevOps Essentials, has no preselection or fixed start and end dates – you will get the materials after registration and explore them at whatever tempo you chose. It provides essential DevOps skills, laying the foundation for more in-depth study. After completing this stage, you will:

  • Know Version control with Git

  • Understand network layout concepts

  • Create simple scripts on Bash and Python

  • Understand basic concepts of Linux and Windows OS

If you successfully pass the first stage, you can continue your self-study in the second, DevOps Fundamentals, expand your knowledge and choose a cloud you will explore in the future.


Our mentors will help you at all stages in the Discord chat – you’ll get a link to it after the registration. There, we'll also share useful DevOps materials and announce webinars.


  • English level from A2+ (Pre-intermediate) and above

  • Basic knowledge of IT concepts and skills in software operation

  • Analytical thinking and creativity in solving non-standard tasks

  • Desire to work and develop in DevOps


  1. Register on this page

  2. Take an English test available in your profile (the recommended level is A2+ and above)

  3. Check your email and follow the link to the educational platform

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