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.NET intern – EPAM Systems


2023 m. liepos 1 d.

Galioja iki:

EPAM leads the industry in digital platform engineering and product development services. Since 1993, it has been helping its customers to navigate the waves of digital transformation, developing and designing advanced IT solutions.

EPAM believes in investing in people. For 30+ years, we have been expanding our expertise worldwide through numerous educational activities, providing support to those just starting their careers.


If you are eager to create a wide variety of applications of any complexity level and keep up with the latest IT technologies, this training program is for you. Internet of things (IoT), Cloud technologies, gamedev, neural networks, and web applications – you'll be up to all of those.


The course works per rule "start as soon as you registered", which means it does not have a fixed start/end date – students complete the program with their preferred speed.

You will start with practical tasks covering the main topics related to programming in C#. After that stage, you will proceed with more profound topics of the C# language and .NET platform.


English proficiency level from Intermediate (B1) and higher

Basic programming languages skills: reading and understanding elementary code, creating a simple algorithm

Fundamentals of the Object-Oriented Programming language C#



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Pass an English test in your profile (the recommended level is B1 and above)

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